About Me

About Me


I’m a mom of four, wife of one and when I’m not on a never-ending quest for a lost toy, I write and blog about life, relationships and parenting – all of it honest, majority is humorous and some is just good ol’ fashioned complaining. Some of my work has been featured on Scary Mommy, POPSUGAR, Mom.comMotherly, The Huffington Post and Sammiches & Psych Meds.

When I’m not wiping butts and scraping boogers off various surfaces of our home, you can find me writing, baking and drinking an absurd amount of coffee. On the rare occasion I get free time alone, I contemplate taking a nap in the family van, but end up exercising as it’s a more legitimate excuse to escape the house.

I’m a Midwestern girl at heart. Born and raised in the Milwaukee, WI area, I’ve acquired a serious appreciation for beer and the belief that a bloody mary should contain enough toppings to be considered a meal. I’ve been married to my adorable husband for 8 years during which we’ve had four children and moved across country – thrice.

My caffeinated beverage of choice is a Starbucks Pike Place with a shot of expresso, also known as a ‘Red Eye’. When I’m not pregnant, my evenings are spent enjoying a generously poured glass of cabernet and counting down the time until my tiny monsters return to their lair for the night.

My two most favorite things are sleep and food. My least favorite things are surprises and the inconvenience of charging my phone. I speak fluent sarcasm and can appreciate a crude, immature sense of humor – especially when the topic is related to parenting – and regardless of my age, I’m not sure if I’ll ever grow up.

Thanks for stopping by!